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Hairspray 2: News, Updates & More

September 25th, 2009

Vote for Hairspray 2 in Twitter Poll for Most Wanted 2010 Movie! @ 03:39 pm


Hairspray 2 is listed in a twitter poll for the most wanted movie in 2010. So if you have twitter please vote and leave a comment. Right now Hairspray 2 has over 124 votes YAY!!!!

Here is the link:


I think this could be a good time to try to get Hairspray 2 as a trending topic. What do you all think? And maybe we can RT the link with it as well? I was thinking like #WewantHairspray2now or
#WewantHS2now something like that I don't know LOL. We should do it when Hairspray 2 is mentioned on Twitter so this could be a good opportunity.

Let me know your thoughts.

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Hairspray 2: News, Updates & More